EJ (eaterofcorpses) wrote in shotgun_promise,

a song i wrote..

'Truth Is Told'

waves pass and people walk away..
what hopes get let down today..
you and i both know what will happen..
its over..and im the only one
leaving with a tear..
in my eyes..
in my eyes..

soaked in blood
drenched in tears
remembering you now
is my biggest fears
i love you, i hate you.
ill erase you..
just to taste you..

which will it be?
the pistol or the blade
how much can you take?
when it comes to pain..
i dream every minute about you..
i just want you to know..
how this has got me low..

i cant stop thinking about you..
i just want to be true

enjoy..since noone really reads this anyways..
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