EJ (eaterofcorpses) wrote in shotgun_promise,

i suppose this is the first post..but anyways..this is my new community and i would like to give a big thank you to nicole for giving me links to kickass brush sites..and for making the new icon..thank you nicole! you fucking rawk!

anyways..not much to say but..
it looks fucking great



ok..i was walking from down the road because i like to take walks when i smoke cigarettes..
anyways..im fucking walking and i was smoking a cigarette..and i slipped in the grass cuz it was wet..and i fall flat on my face..
then i proceeded to get back up and start yelling and kicking the grass..
out of all the profanity said the only thing remotely non-profane was..

'stupid damn grass..you fucking broke my cigarette'

...and this is why shotgun promise was made
that and because if your mad about something..anything remotely sent towards the 'anger' side..you bitch about it somewhere..because its usually fucking hilarious..
that and because i was eating mashed potatoes out of a cup and i decided, 'i want to make a community'
...dont ask..
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